FAQ - Homestay Students

The following information has been provided to help you understand what it will be like living in a Kamo Housing homestay placement. 

Are all the families interviewed before a student moves in?
All hosts are interviewed and screened to ensure that they are capable of delivering the best quality of service to students.  This means their house is inspected and approved by Kamo Housing. Hosts also sign a contract that clearly sets out standards they must meet.  These standards are in place to ensure the safety and well being of both student and host and to provide the best experience possible for both.  

Why did you choose this family for me?
Your host has been selected because they best meet the requirements set out in your profile or requests, so it’s very important that you let your school or Kamo Housing know about any special requests.

What is the typical American family?
All homestay homes are not the same.  Your host may be a single person with or without children. There may be other International students living in the home.

What type of rooms do you have?
You can choose from a single room or a shared room. If you choose to stay in a single room that does not always mean you will have a private bathroom. Sometimes you will share the bathroom with other people. If you want to stay in a shared room and do not have someone to share with Kamo Housing can provide you with another shared student of the same sex (unless specially requested).

Do all families speak English only?
English may not be your host’s first language, but we do require that a high level of spoken English is spoken at all times under the contract your host has signed with Kamo Housing.  Your host may have an accent when they speak English, which depends on their country of origin.

Do most of the families have pets? Can I choose a house with or without pets?
Your host may have animals living in the house with them.  Many hosts have pets so requesting a host without pets may deprive you of staying with a kind and loving family.  Some dogs and cats live outside the home and you can choose to interact with them if you want to.  It is your own responsibility to check with your host about any concerns or requirements.  

How much communication do I need to have with my host family?
Communication is the most important aspect in living with a host family. Asking questions and letting your host know if you are happy or unhappy is important.  Your host wants you to enjoy your homestay experience, so smile and explain politely if there is something you do not understand.  Your host will happily assist you to adapt to your new lifestyle.

How far is the house to my school?
All of our host families are within 45 minutes by bus or trolley to your school? We always try to find the closest house to your school.

Do they provide me rides to and from school?
You are required to take public transportation or drive yourself to and from school. Your host who will give you a small card with their name and address and telephone number clearly written.  If you get lost at all or cannot find your way home this card will be useful to ask for help or to call your host family for guidance. Make sure you carry this card at all times.

How many meals are provided daily?
Breakfast and Dinner are provided every day. Breakfast is usually is set up for you to get on your own. Dinner is always provided and given to you in a sit down setting. Conversation at the dinner table is valued in America and some families may feel awkward if there is silence.  This is a good time to practice your English speaking skills.

Can I smoke in the home?
The majority of hosts will not allow smoking in their homes.  Even if your host allows you to smoke this may mean only outside the home and they will show you where you can do this and how to dispose of your cigarettes.  Follow the rules of the household and never smoke in your room without permission.  

Do I need to let my family know if I will have my own dinner or weekend plans?
If you plan to spend the evening with your friends and not return home for your evening meal you must let your host know in advance.  A telephone call at lunchtime is all that is needed.  If you are staying out with your friends overnight or going away for the weekend don’t forget to let your host know and advise them of the time of your return. 

Can I have friends over at my host family?
If you would like to invite your friends to your host’s home remember always to ask permission first.  Always be friendly, polite and courteous to your host.

Do I get my own key for the house?
All families are required to give you a house key. This key must be returned on your departure and replaced if it is lost.  It is important to take great care of this key. 

Can I contact you if there are any questions or concerns I have?
If you are unhappy in your homestay report this to Kamo Housing immediately. Kamo Housing will assist you with any inquiries you may have.