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1 APARTMENT KEY ($10Replacement) 1 POOL GATE KEY ($50 Replacement) 1 ROOM KEY ($10 Replacement) 1 POOL PASS ($50 Replacement) 1 SET OF TOWEL ($15 Replacement) 1 SET OF SHEETS ($20 Replacement) 1 PILLOW ($10 Replacement) 1 BLANKET ($20 Replacement)
PART I RENTAL UNIT: Subject to the terms of this agreement, KAMO HOUSING rents to clients, for residential use only, the premises located at BAY POINTE APARTMENTS. THE PARTIES AGREE AS FOLLOWS: 1. FURNITURE The furniture Kamo Housing provides to you is rented, and as such, it must remain in acceptable condition at the end of service agreement. As mentioned above, major furniture damage may cause a deduction from your deposit. Please do not move, remove, or change the place of the apartment’s furniture and decorations. A list of the furniture provided by Kamo Housing will be available to you. Furniture and items not contained in the list will not be a responsibility of Kamo Housing to provide. 2. NOISE COMPLAINTS/ OTHER All residents and guests will respect the quiet enjoyment of their neighbors. Quiet hours are between 10 PM and 8 AM; however, excessive noises are not allowed anytime in the premises. Every noise complaint notice received may also carry a penalty of up to $500. If further action is necessary, (eviction or 30-day notice) you will lose your deposit. Kamo Housing staff will randomly inspect all apartments to ensure that there is no smoking, parties, or excessive noise. Our staff will never enter students’ bedrooms, but they will need to briefly enter the apartment and check the common areas. PARTIES No parties of any kind are allowed in the apartment. By Kamo Housing’s definition, a party consists of a group of people interacting in the apartment and DISTURBING other residents with their activities. Kamo Housing does NOT Allow PARTIES OF ANY KIND. They will not be tolerated and you understand that breaking this rule will cause you to be evicted from the propriety and you will lose your deposit. 3. VISITORS No visitors shall be allowed to use the premises without the presence of the resident. At any given time, there is a maximum of six (6) people allowed in the apartment, including the residents of that apartment. You are only allowed to have two (2) guests in the apartment or in the common areas of the complex at once. Visitors are not allowed to spend the night in the apartment without the consent of Kamo Housing. If guests and visitors wish to stay overnight in the apartment, they will have to book the accommodation with Kamo Housing. 4. SMOKE DETECTOR The premises are equipped with smoke detection devices. The resident acknowledges that the smoke detection device was tested and its operation was explained by the owner or agent at the time of initial occupancy. Resident shall perform the manufacturer’s recommended test at least once a month to determine if the smoke detector is functioning properly. If smoke detector does not work, resident shall contact the owner/agent immediately. Resident shall allow owner, agent or service provider to enter the premises for purpose of inspection and maintenance of the detection device. It is an actionable offense to disconnect or otherwise impair the function of the smoke detector. In case of an emergency, there is a fire extinguisher located in the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink. 5. ROOM CHECK-OUT By the checkout date, you are responsible for returning your room in the same condition that you found it upon arrival by 11 AM. Make sure that there is no trash left behind, the sheets/ blankets/ towels are placed in the pillow case and all your left over food is disposed. A deduction of your deposit may apply if the room is not complied with above conditions. Check out instructions will be given to you within a week of your departure day. 6. PERSONAL OBJECTS Please try to keep your personal objects (lap top, clothes etc) in your bedroom. This makes the common area (Kitchen, Living room and dining room) a neater place and it also keeps your personal belongings from being lost. Kamo Housing is not responsible for any personal items in the apartment that are lost or stolen. 7. GARBAGE You are responsible for disposing of your trash in the appropriate areas. Leaving trash in the common areas will not be tolerated. Trash rooms are located on the first floor of each building. 8. BALCONIES AND WALKWAYS Resident agrees to maintain a clean and neat appearance of the balcony, patio, and front door area of the premises. Resident is responsible for cleaning these areas. Hanging of clothes, storage of personal property and non-patio items is not permitted in these areas at any time. Please do not hang anything on the shrubbery, fences, railings, exterior walls, inside or outside of the windows, or elsewhere on the exterior of the building. 9. SMOKING Residents are not allowed to smoke inside the apartments or on the balconies. Failing to comply with these rules may result in tickets that can cost up to $100. 10. RECEIVING MAIL All your mail should be address directly to your apartment and not to the complex’s office address. Your letters will be sent to the mailbox and packages are usually sent directly to your door. 11. STORING BICYCLES Bikes should be stored in your apartment or balcony. Bikes that are locked against fences or any public area at complex, will have their locks cut and will be disposed. 12. HEATER AND AIR CONDITIONER UNIT USE Excessive use of heater and air conditioner unit may result on high electricity bills. Even though your bills are paid for, please make sure you turn off the heaters and air conditioner units when leaving the apartment. 13. ILLEGAL OR UNSAFE ACTIVITIES You will be evicted if there is any sign of illegal or unsafe activity, using or selling drugs, wild parties, or people getting out of control. If there is any suspicion of drug activity, narcotic officers will be notified immediately. 14. SWIMMING POOL, SPAS, TENNIS AND BASKETBALL COURTS RULES AND REGULATIONS The pool and surrounding areas, as well as the tennis and basketball courts are for the enjoyment of all Bay Pointe residents and their guests. Residents are responsible to supervise their guests to make sure they comply with these rules: I. Pool hours are from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Use of the facilities after hours is prohibited. II. No dangerous or disruptive behavior will be tolerated. Any person being disruptive or breaking rules will be asked to leave the area. III. Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times. IV. Residents are limited to two guests per unit in the common areas and the pool. V. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pool, or any common area. Please do not bring glass into the pool area. VI. No toys, balls, inner tubes, boards or any other objects will be allowed in the pool. Safety equipment is not to be used except in emergency situations. VII. Persons using the pool or any other recreational facility do so at their risk. Bay Pointe does not provide lifeguards. Management and Kamo Housing assume no responsibility for accidents or injuries. Management is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen articles in the pool area. I have read and agree to abide by all of the above rules and regulations. 15. PARKING ADDENDUM The following rules and regulations apply to the use of the parking facilities at Bay Pointe Apartments. By initialing this document, resident acknowledges and pledges to obey these rules. I. Parking is at the risk of vehicle owner or operator. Bay Pointe or Kamo Housing assumes no liability for damage to or loss of any vehicle or any personal property. II. Residents shall not park or permit the parking of any vehicle under his/her control other than automobiles, motorcycles, motor driven vehicles, bicycles or four-wheel trucks. Large recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, or boats ma not be parked within the community at any time. Moving vans must be parked on the street unless unloading and attended. III. Parking stickers or any other device supplied by Bay Pointe or Kamo Housing shall remain property of Management. Management will charge $50.00 for the replacement of each lost, stolen or destroyed permits. It is the resident’s responsibility to maintain control of all permits. The permit must be displayed and visible or the vehicle will be towed. The sticker is to be placed on the front driver’s side windshield. The maximum number of stickers per unit is 2. IV. Vehicles are to be parked entirely within the painted lines of a single parking stall. Any cars restricting a resident’s access to his/her assigned space will be cited and or towed away at owner’s expense. V. Parking is prohibited: (Vehicles may be cited or towed for the following.) In areas not striped for parking, In a walkway, Where “no parking” signs are posted, In a cross-painted or handicapped designated space without a plate or displayed placard, On ramps, If the vehicles is not within the painted lines of parking stall, Behind a garage that does not have a designated driveway, In any parking space on the property that has a posted restriction. VI. Management may reasonably amend these rules or adopt new rules and regulations from time to time. VII. Resident is hereby notified the management’s agent removal of vehicles found in violation of these rules or otherwise removed at vehicle owner’s expense in compliance with California Law, Network Parking Solutions. Telephone number is (619) 938-3096. I acknowledge that I have read the parking addendum and agree to comply with all the above rules and regulations. 16. CHANGE OF ROOMS OR APARTMENTS Kamo Housing reserves the right to request the students to change apartments or rooms anytime. If you do not accept to change apartments or room, it will be suggested to you to turn in your 30-day notice. If you are at all unhappy with your apartment or living situation, you may request to move to a different apartment at any time during your stay. 17. ROOMMATE MATCHING/ RELATION Even though Kamo Housing provides the service of finding and matching roommates when needed, KH is not responsible for any conflict/ issues that may happen among the students sharing a room or an apartment. Kamo Housing is not held liable for any accidents and incidents that may happen among roommates. If you are not satisfied with your roommate, please inform Kamo Housing immediately. 18. MAINTENANCE Maintenance of the apartment and its furniture will be provided to you. If there is a problem in your apartment, please notify Kamo Housing immediately. Please note that Kamo Housing is responsible for the maintenance of your furniture and Bay Pointe Apartments is responsible for the maintenance of the apartment itself. Resident agrees that service provider (Kamo Housing) may enter the premises in any time, to check the condition of the apartment, perform maintenance, or to show the premises to prospective or actual tenants or workers. Such entry, other than in case of emergency, will be made during business hours, unless resident otherwise consents to the time of entry. 19. CLEANING SERVICE The service is provided between 9 am to 4 pm every Monday or Tuesdays on regular weeks and on Saturday when there is a change of students. I. Remove ALL your personal belongings out of the community area (Kitchen and Living/ Dining room) and place them in your room on the day of the service. Kamo Housing is not responsible for missing objects/ belongings left in the community areas on the day of service. II. Linens and towels washing service are provided. In order to receive this service, you will have to place the items that you wish to be washed inside the pillow case it in your room. III. Kamo Housing cleaning service does not include washing dishes or taking your trash out. Your dishes must be washed and your trash must be taken out on the day of the service to facilitate the cleaning crews’ job. IV. Please remember to leave your room door unlocked on the day of the cleaning. No reschedules will be permitted if the rooms are left locked on the day of the cleaning. V. Store all your clothes and personal objects inside your closets or on top of your desks. Leave the floor as clear as possible. 20. SECURITY DEPOSIT: Resident shall pay a security deposit upon arrival in the unit. Payment should be done by credit card. The amount of your security deposit will be returned within 10 business days of your departure. Kamo Housing will inform you via email if any deductions will be made to your deposit return. Kamo Housing may withhold from the security deposit only such amounts that are reasonably necessary to fix resident damages including but not limited to the following: (a) To repair damages to the premises caused by resident, excluding normal wear and tear. (b) Failing to complete the checkout instructions that are given to you within a week of your departure. (c) To restore, replace, or return any furniture provided by Kamo Housing. (d) Tickets issued due to noise complaints You are responsible for any charges that exceed the amount of the deposit. The Resident acknowledges having read and understood the Service Agreement contract. PART II 21. ENTRY BY SERVICE PROVIDER Resident agrees that service provider (Kamo Housing) may enter the premises at any time, to check the condition of the apartment, or to exhibit the premises to prospective or actual tenants or workers. Such entry, other than in case of emergency, will be made during business hours, unless resident otherwise consents to the time of entry. 22. INSURANCE If you wish to purchase additional renters insurance to protect your personal belongings, talk to a Kamo Housing representative and they will be able to help you setup inexpensive renters insurance. 23. EVICTION If for some reason, you cause to have your apartment terminated from the complex, either from an eviction notice or any other kind of termination, you will lose all deposits. 24. RELEASE OF LIABILITY Kamo Housing is not responsible to intending to be legally bound hereby, the undersigned agrees and does hereby release from liability and to indemnify and hold harmless at the Kamo Housing accommodations, and any of its employees or agents representing or related Kamo Housing. This release is for any and all liability for personal injuries, including death, and property losses or damage in connection with any accommodations. The undersigned further agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations promulgated by the Kamo Housing. 25. LAUNDRY ROOMS: Laundry rooms are open 24 hours a day for your convenience. Management is not responsible for articles lost, stolen or thrown away. Do not leave your clothing unattended in the laundry rooms. There is a change machine in the reception of Bay Pointe in case you need quarters to use the machine. 26. EXERCISE ROOM RULES AND RELEASE FORM The exercise room at Bay Pointe Apartments has been established for the benefit of the residents living at this community. Any misuse of the facilities by a resident will automatically forfeit the resident’s privilege to use the exercise room. Before signing, please consider the following: I. The use of the exercise room is limited to residents that are 18 years or older. II. All guests must be with resident. III. Proper attire, including closed toes shoes (no sandals) must be worn at all times. IV. All resident must carry the pool/recreation pass with them while using the facilities. V. In consideration of being permitted to participate in the use of the exercise equipment at Bay Pointe Apartments for recreational benefits to myself, I hereby waive and release any and all claims for damages I may have against the Bay Pointe Apartments or Kamo Housing, for any and all injuries suffered by me while using the exercise room. 27. OTHER PERSONS LIVING IN THE APARTMENT Without Kamo Housing Permission, no other persons may live in there, no other pets may stay there, even temporarily, nor may dwelling be sublet or used for business purposes. 28. PETS Pets are NOT ALLOWED in the apartments under any circumstances. 29. REPAIRS As opposed to a hotel room, student apartments typically have more square feet, bedrooms, mechanical systems, appliances, electronics, etc. Because of this, there is a much greater chance that something may need attention during your stay and we will do everything within reason to remedy the situation; however we do not offer refunds or discounts unless the apartment is determined by Kamo Housing to be uninhabitable.