Short-term accommodations in San Diego and Los Angeles.


Why San Diego?

FOOD: That proximity to the Mexican border also means that San Diego is home to some absolutely killer Mexican food. A local favorite for fish tacos and a view to die for. Get mahi, calamari, shrimp, lobster, or shark tacos at Happy Hour and watch the sun set.

THE ZOO: It’s easily the most recognizable thing about San Diego. Take a long leisurely stroll through this city owned zoo where the plants are worth more than the animals. See the elephants get a pedicure, watch the mama and baby pandas, or check out the new koala exhibit which has more koalas than any zoo outside of Australia.

LA JOLLA: Just a little north of downtown is La Jolla Cove, a beautiful stretch of wild life preserve with crystal clear water and warm sand. Check out the tide pools and seal/children’s beach or take a kayak tour of the sea caves. Then get some ice cream in town.

HEALTH: Do you like yoga? Muay Thai boxing? Kendo? Running? Surfing? Rock Climbing? If you can think of it, they’ve got it here and everyone has a workout routine

LOCATION: San Diego has one of the best locations in the country as it is a short drive to popular locations; such as Mexico, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Big Bear. San Diego is one of the few cities in the world that allows you to enjoy the snow and the beach in the same day.

THE BEER: It’s No. 3 on the Forbes best beer cities list (after Portland and San Francisco) for a reason. Nearly every bar carries a selection of local brews like Stone, Coronado, and Karl Straus. SD knows its way around a tasty IPA. And the beer festivals! The Festival of Beer in September donates money to cancer-fighting causes while the International Beer Festival in June crowns a best in show.


Why Los Angeles?

BEACHES: The beaches in Los Angeles are numerous. Many people relocate to Los Angeles to surf at its many beaches and to swim in the water.

SCENERY:  Los Angeles has very diverse scenery. If you want to go into desert areas, Los Angeles has that. You can also go up to the mountain areas to ski and snowboard if you want to. You can also go to the beach areas as was previously mentioned.

HOLLYWOOD:  If you want to get to know more about the entertainment industry, Los Angeles and Southern California is the best place to be. This is where Hollywood is and where some of the nation’s biggest movie studios are.

PEOPLE DIVERSITY:  Los Angeles has people that live here from so many different countries in the world.

FOOD:  The food in Los Angeles is excellent. There are many different kinds of food in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has some of the best Mexican and Japanese food anywhere. But if you want to eat pizza, eat hot dogs, hamburgers or steaks Los Angeles has that too.

SPORTS:  The Lakers are in Los Angeles of course. So are the LA Clippers and the LA Kings. These  are some reasons to continue to want to live here and keep memories alive. If you want to see sports franchises that is dedicated to winning championships consistently, Los Angeles has those.

WEATHER: And the final reason to move to Los Angeles is if you want to experience mild to warm sunny weather for most of the year. This is the reason at the top of the lists of most people. During the winter when many areas of the United States are experiencing snow and cold temperatures, Los Angeles residents will see temperatures in the 60s and 70s with plenty of sunshine